A2- 2nd Annual School and Society Forum

The John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture


The Master of Arts in Teaching Program/Teacher Education Department

School of Education at the University of San Francisco

Cordially invite you to join in the:

 2nd Annual School & Society Forum


Saturday, April 27th 8:30 am -11:00 am

Intent:  A public space embracing dialogue, interaction, and deliberation, concerning multiple stakeholders across school and society—P-16 teachers, policymakers, administrators, scholars, parents, community educators, & other interest groups—drawing upon John Dewey’s thinking and contemporary reinterpretations, extending Dewey’s commitments to democratic schooling.

Where:  Room 110, Education Building, 2350 Turk Boulevard, University of San Francisco (see below)

Panel and Light Breakfast: 8:30 am

Richard A. Carranza, Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District  (SFUSD) will initiate the forum’s conversation as he envisions what preparation entails for his school jurisdiction.

Richard A. Carranza was sworn in as the new superintendent of San Francisco Unified School District on June 27, 2012. Mr. Carranza has held the position of Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, Innovation and Social Justice at the district since 2009.  Having entered the public school system speaking no English, Mr. Carranza has experienced, first-hand, the transformational power of access and equity in providing a rich and rewarding education to all students.


Judy Pace, Teacher Education Professor & Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Coordinator, University of San Francisco (USF), will extend the conversation focusing on classroom dialogue and inquiry as key features of courses for prospective teachers.

Judy Pace taught in special education and progressive K-12 settings before getting her doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has been teaching at USF since 1998 and does research on classroom relationships, curriculum, and teaching within the socio-cultural and political contexts of schooling.



Peter Williamson, Teacher Education Professor, University of San Francisco (USF) & San Francisco Teacher Residency (SFTR) Co-Founder and Coordinator and Dorothy Morallos, a resident in the SFTR program, will further extend the conversation by discussing the collaboration among SFUSD, USF, & Stanford on clinically based teacher preparation through a teacher residency program.

Peter Williamson taught middle and high school English and journalism before completing his Ph.D. at Stanford in Curriculum and Teacher Education. He has been teaching at USF since 2007 and studies teacher preparation and professional development, teacher effectiveness, and urban education.



Dorothy Morallos is a graduate student at the University of San Francisco and is a resident in the San Francisco Teacher Residency program. Dorothy will begin her teaching career in Mathematics and Science in the San Francisco Unified School District in the fall of 2013.



Continued Conversation: 9:45 am

Teacher Inquiry:  Novice Teachers Reflecting on Their Practice

Facilitated by Sarah Capitelli (Professor & Bilingual Authorization Coordinator, USF), with David Hansen (Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University), & Maura Striano (University of Naples Federico II)

Working with Community Partners: Engagement, Service Learning & Teacher Preparation

Facilitated by Helen Maniates (Professor & Master of Arts in Teaching Reading Coordinator, USF) with Kathleen Knight Abowitz (Professor, Miami University), & A. G. Rud (Dean and Professor, Washington State University).

Bridging K-12 and Teacher Education: Rhetoric and Reality

Facilitated by Karl Seyer-Ochi, High School Teacher & USF Instructor with Gert Biesta (Professor, University of Luxembourg), Christopher Marten (Professor, University of British Columbia, Okanagan), & Lynda Stone (Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

Trusting Teachers: Parents (& Others) as Advocates for Education

Facilitated by Barbara Thayer-Bacon (Professor, University of Tennessee) with Deron Boyles (Professor, Georgia State University), Jim Garrison (Professor, Virginia Tech), & Kyle Greenwalt (Professor, Michigan State University).

Wrap Up: 10:30 am.

Lessons learned and Questions generated about preparing post-NCLB teachers.

Facilitated by Margaret Macintyre Latta (Professor, University of British Columbia, Okanagan) & Judy Pace (Professor, University of San Francisco).

 Map and Directions:


 A.  Union Square, Downtown San Francisco

B.  Room 110, Education Building, University of San Francisco, 2350 Turk Blvd.

Bus Routes to take from Downtown San Francisco to USF:

38L Geary Blvd.

31 Turk Blvd.

15 min cab ride (approx.)

Thank you to Rita Cihlar Hermann (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Lisa Klope (University of San Francisco) & Robert McEntarffer (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) for their organizing efforts to make this forum possible.

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