B1 – JDS Minutes

Saturday, June 8th, 2013


John Dewey Society

2013 Annual Membership Meeting


Deron Boyles calls the meeting to order.

Introductions of those Present: Charles Bacon, Barb Thayer Bacon, Rob Karaba, Kathleen Knight Abowitz, Margaret Manson , Maura Striano, Olivier Stefano, Ingrid Loeb, Larry Hickman, AG Rud, David Hanson, Jim Garrison, Kyle Greenwalt, Dan Tanner, Mark Kissling, Matt Ryg, Deron Boyles, Len Waks, Dick Gibboney, Dennis Buss

Minutes from prior annual meeting are approved.

Deron Boyles gives President’s report. Notes relationships with APA and SAP. Notes work for Institutional Sponsorship for the Board, would like to open it up to the whole membership. Affiliate status, working with Dewey Studies SIG to not overlap. Introduces Matt Ryg as student liaison. Welcomes new Board members, new President-Elect, thanks others for standing for office. And thanks those leaving the Board. Reports on the work of the Forum this morning, Symposium and Lecture. Talks about new website, shows it, and asks for member feedback. Talks about School and Society journal. Talks about move to Open Access with Education and Culture, and the voting of the Board.

Kathleen Knight Abowitz gives report of President Elect. Put together Past President’s Panel, Jim Garrison will be the respondent. Call focused on contemporary interpretations of Public and Its Problems. We had 29 submissions, in the second year of doing this. We picked four of those. We will also have representation of Eastern Division of APA. We sent out call and Kathleen will put together a session.

Kyle Greenwalt gives report of the Treasurer and Secretary. Strong financial health, but we do not have a good system for renewals.  Barb Thayer Bacon suggest quarterly targeted reminders  for those who have not yet renewed.

Mark Kissling gives membership report. Survey results. Only 3% of the Society are graduate students. We can do more with graduate and undergraduate students.  Also notes relationship to AERA, areas of focus, length of membership. He asks that we continue to talk to our colleagues and students.

Deron Boyles reads report from David Waddington on report on CSI. We are in need of a new Chair on the Commission of Social Issues.

Debbie Seltzer Kelly’s report on School and Society website is read by Deron Boyles. He notes she is working on getting the aesthetics of the site improved but it will take time. Maura Striano notes we should also be concerned about accessibility issues.

Dan Tanner’s report as Archivist and Tanner Foundation. Stresses the need for publications, and speaking to publics outside of our own. Announces he is stepping down as Archivist, and he is willing to turn over his materials to his successor.

Larry Hickman notes we are opening our 10th Dewey Center in Brazil. THERE IS ONE IN HUNGARY. The website should include this information. Jim Garrison notes that these centers may be sites of recruitment.

Deron Boyles notes thanks: Barb Thayer Bacon and John Covaleskie on Awards Committee, Doris Santoro on Nominating Committee. Recognizes outgoing Board members: Margaret Mcintyre Latta, Doug Simpson and Linda O’Neill. Thanks to Lynda Stone for assistance to Deron Boyles as he was President, thanks to Daniel Tanner for his leadership over many, many years. Thanks to Margaret Mcintyre Latta for leading the School and Society Forum, and thanks to Deb Seltzer Kelly for leading work on the website and new journal. Thanks to Matt Ryg and Mark Kissling for their work. Thanks to David Granger for work on journal. Thanks to Kyle Greenwalt for work as secretary and treasurer.

Deron Boyles hands gavel to Kathleen Knight Abowitz, having her take over as President. She thanks Deron Boyles for his many accomplishments.

Meeting adjourned.


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