B4 – Report on School & Society Project

Report on School & Society Project

Deborah Seltzer-Kelly, Chair


  1. JDS Website: Wabash College is in the process of taking over hosting for the JDS website. In addition to hosting the site, Wabash has funded student interns to work with me on site design and maintenance, including one for the summer. Unfortunately, we have run into some unexpected delays in getting the site up and functioning, thanks to an over-committed IT department and our desire for a site design that will allow us to keep it updated quickly and easily, and include three linked sites: the JDS main web page, a page for the new online Journal of School & Society, and a page for a discussion board to facilitate exchange about JDS issues and events, and discussion threads for journal articles. Future plans include a grad student area as well, with not only a discussion board, but other resources such as book reviews, fellowship and postdoc information, and job listings for grad students.
  2. Preliminary site design is (at last!) nearly complete, and the new JDS page will be open for business very soon. In the meantime, members are welcome to drop by and take a look at the new site at   http://www.johndeweysociety.org/. Questions or comments can be sent to me seltzerd@wabash.edu. Once the transition is complete, the www.johndeweysociety.org site address will be transferred over, so don’t worry; you won’t need to learn a new site address.
  3. Online Practice-Focused Journal: We have run into similar delays with getting the new online Journal of School & Society up and running. My efforts will turn toward this in May, with the completion of the main JDS page, finishing the spring semester and the assistance of my summer intern. I hope to have the first issue of the journal up and available mid-summer—stay tuned for further developments. At the moment there is a placeholder at http://www.johndeweysociety.org/journal/. The content that is envisioned for the journal, based upon discussion during the JDS meeting last year and subsequent planning, is practice-focused, with areas for peer-reviewed scholarly research, and a separate area for student research and student book reviews of classic works by Dewey himself and Deweyan scholars.
  4. Additional volunteers are very much wanted and needed in the following areas:
    1. A co-editor for the Journal of School & Society
    2. Editorial board members for the Journal of School & Society
    3. Graduate student co-editor(s) for the Journal of School & Society
    4. Graduate student moderators and editors for the online discussion board



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