NEW Book: Democracy and Education with a Critical Introduction by Patricia H. Hinchey

With a Critical Introduction by noted scholar Patricia H. Hinchey, Myers Education Press will release the newest edition of John Dewey’s Democracy and Education in April 2018.

Some hundred years after John Dewey worked to illuminate what it means to educate and how public education serves as the bedrock of democracy, his seminal Democracy and Education speaks urgently not only to critical contemporary educational issues but to contemporary political issues as well. As mania for testing forces a steadily narrowing curriculum, Dewey explains why democracy cannot “flourish” if “the chief influences in selecting subject matter of instruction are utilitarian ends narrowly conceived for the masses.” As such utilitarian subject matter is increasingly placed online, isolating individual students and their electronic screens, he insists that education happens not through direct instruction but “indirectly by means of the environment” where members of a community engage in meaningful tasks. This volume includes a critical Introduction by noted scholar Patricia H. Hinchey, Professor Emerita of Education at Penn State.

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