Nominations for the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award

The Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement will be awarded to the individual who, in the judgment of the committee, exemplifies, over a lifetime of work, the Deweyan tradition of connecting theory and practice.

Each year the Awards Committee will seek nominations, particularly from members of the Society. A short list will be drawn up from the nominations received. The committee will then decide whether and to whom the award should be given.

The award will recognize: a scholar-practitioner who, in the Deweyan tradition, connects the worlds of theory and practice in promoting the development of democratic citizens; or an exceptional explicator and interpreter of Dewey’s philosophy and educational theory.

This award is not limited to scholars working specifically in or on Dewey studies, though scholars working on Dewey will be seriously considered by the committee. This award recognizes a lifetime of accumulated scholarship that exemplifies a Deweyan approach to educational practice, educational theory, and the public sphere.

Anyone may make a nomination. A nomination is comprised of a 500- to 1000-word note that directly makes the case why a nominee should be given the award, as well as the nominee’s CV (when and where available). Other materials may be requested from the nominator at a later date.

The criteria the committee will be keeping in mind are: (1) the congruence between the work of Dewey and the work of the nominee, and (2) the achievement of a coherent body of work over a lifetime of practice and scholarship.

Questions and nominations should be sent to Kyle Greenwalt, Chair of the JDS Awards Committee, at by March 15, 2019.


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