Call for Papers: Issue #5: Are we really ‘bout that life’?

Issue #5: Are we really ‘bout that life’?: Urban educators as activists in, and for, their urban school communities

The aim of this special issue of the Journal of School & Society is to explore and unpack the role of urban teachers as community advocates for social justice.  As people working to ensure a more equitable urban society, this issue seeks to better understand how you believe urban educators can assist residents in their community- based struggles. What does authentic partnership look like? What would the outcomes be if urban educators fought alongside urban residents? What promise does such educator-resident hold?

Please see our journal website for specifics about submission requirements. Submissions and inquiries should be emailed to Keith Benson, Guest Editor of The Journal of School & Society and Secondary Educator at Camden High School in Camden, New Jersey. Keith’s email is

Due: February 1, 2017

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