Journal of School & Society

Want to get involved in this exciting opportunity to produce public scholarship?

Along with my associate editor, Jared Kemling (Southern Illinois University), I am pleased to share with you The Journal of School & Society. We thank the many members of the John Dewey Society who have supported us in this project.

The John Dewey Society was founded in 1935. While the ideas and topics that interested Dewey are shared by many in our organization, as a journal, more than anything else, we seek to work in the spirit of the great American philosopher–and in particular, with his commitment to the use of the method of conjoint experience and communication for the enrichment of democratic living.

The Journal of School & Society seeks to position itself as speaking to all those interested in the place and function of education in a democratic society–to academics, certainly, but even more so to public school teachers, to parents, and to community and labor activists. To that end, we actively seek to highlight voices from diverse constituencies. We seek to be a journal of intelligent practice for creative and justice-oriented practitioners.

Each issue is organized around a central theme and includes three sections: voices from educators, voices from community members, and voices from academia. Unlike most journals, we actively seek out writers for our journal and work with them to bring their experiences and ideas to a larger audience. We welcome contributions in text or video format.

Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Articles

Submissions for the peer-reviewed section of the journal are expected to conform to scholarly standards for conceptual and philosophical inquiry. We encourage submissions of between 4,000-6,000 words. In addition, supporting files (in both data and audiovisual format) may be integrated with the text.

Formatting Manuscripts for Submission

    • Articles must be in English, though we will simultaneously publish translations of accepted work into other languages;
    • All submissions must be in Word (.doc or .docx) or RTF. The entire work should be in a single paginated file;
    • Work must be in Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, with footnotes at the bottom of each page.
    • Indicate placement of figures, tables, or supplemental (data or media) files clearly;

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