Welcome to the new website of the John Dewey Society! With a new look and more interactive features, this site is a space for building and sustaining the networks of students and scholars of Deweyan philosophy.

Bookmark our site to keep track of Dewey Society events and news, as well as upcoming conferences and meetings where pragmatist scholars and educators are convening. Stay tuned to our progress here on the site as we will expand its functions and resources in the near future. If you would like to join or volunteer with the Dewey Society, please click on the “Membership” link on the top of the page.

Very special thanks go to Wabash College for hosting this site, and to Deborah Seltzer-Kelly of Wabash College, who worked tirelessly to design, build and maintain it.  In addition, the Dewey Society thanks Past President Deron Boyles, whose persistent vision for an improved Dewey Society website overcame his curmudgeonly distaste for all matters related to digital technologies.

Kathleen Knight Abowitz

President, John Dewey Society


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