We Are Proud to Announce: The First Issue of The Journal of School & Society

The Journal of School & Society is the new online open-access journal of the John Dewey Society, dedicated to Dewey’s view that “Knowing is, for philosophical theory, a case of specially directed activity instead of something isolated from practice.” (The Naturalization of Intelligence,” in The Quest for Certainty, 1929).

Our first feature article, authored by Walter Gershon of Kent State University, is entitled “Resonance, Affect, and Ways of Being:Implications of Sensual Curriculum for Educational Theory and Urban First Graders’ Literacy Practices.” Walter notes that “…making sense resides at the paradox of the human experience—inexorably individualistic yet strongly informed by nested layers of sociocultural contexts through which those individual experiences are mediated.” Employing a mix of audio and video recordings from a second-grade classroom (embedded right in the article, thanks to the wonders of online presentation!) woven together with scholarly discussion, he draws us into a consideration of “the inseparable connections between making sense, the sensorium, and the ordinarily sensible.”

Gert Biesta offers an insightful and incisive response in “We gotta get out of this place,” and the issue–and the journal–is introduced by JSS Editor Deborah Seltzer-Kelly in “Welcome to Creative Tension between Theory and Practice.



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