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John Dewey Lecture

2015 Chicago, IL

Larry Hickman’s Dewey Lecture, titled “What Can We Teach When We Teach (about) Religion”

The John Dewey Society Annual Meeting will be held at the American Educational Research Association Meeting in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, April 16  through Monday, April 20, 2015.

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Thursday, April 16th, 2015

The JDS Symposium: The Legacy of Maxine Greene: Critical Engagements with her Philosophy of Democratic Education.

Thursday, April 16th, 12-2 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon I

Maxine Greene

Dr. Maxine Greene

The Legacy of Maxine Greene: Critical Engagements with her Philosophy of Democratic Education

Maxine Greene (1917-2014) was one of the most prominent and profoundly educative philosophers of education of our time. A long-time member, her book Dialectic of Freedom originated from her 1988 John Dewey Lecture.  The Society wishes to respectfully mark her passing with a scholarly examination of her philosophy of democratic education.  Rather than the relatively straightforward task of heaping praise upon her work, this panel actively seeks to make critical tribute, to keep searching for the imaginative possibilities that lie in Greene’s philosophical writings related to democracy and democratic education.

As a progressive thinker and educator, Greene worked across multiple traditions within philosophy of education —existentialism, phenomenology, pragmatism— and within philosophical subfields such as aesthetics, epistemology, as well as political and moral philosophy.  Across these multiple traditions and fields, she imaginatively and courageously created a body of work that, like John Dewey’s, used philosophical tools to interrogate the greatest questions and educational dilemmas of her era.

Details about Symposium:
This symposium collects a set of scholars to interrogate the implications of Greene’s scholarship for the field. The authors take up themes that examine Greene’s work in light of the perennial philosophical questions surrounding democratic education, critically engaging and extending her work towards key educational challenges and issues of today.

The Symposium will feature papers from four scholars:
• James Giarellli, Rutgers University – Maxine Greene on Liberalism and a Public Philosophy of Education
• Wendy Kohli, Fairfield University – The Dialectical Imagination of Maxine Greene
• Megan Laverty, Teachers College, Columbia – Coming Full Circle: From Wide-Awakeness to Intellectualization
• James Stillwaggon, Iona College – Imagining the Subject of Education: Questioning Greene on Aesthetics and Social Change
Chair: Kathleen Knight Abowitz, Miami University, & JDS President

The John Dewey Outstanding Achievement Award

Thursday, April 16th, 2 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon I

Presentation of the Outstanding Achievement Awards:
Lifetime Achievement Award: Dennis Littky, BigPicture Learning and College Unbound
Scholarly Achievement Award: Jason Irizarry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John Dewey Lecture: “What We Can Teach When We Teach (about) Religion”

Thursday, April 16th, 2-4 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon I

Dr. Larry A. Hickman

Dr. Larry A. Hickman

Dr. Larry A. Hickman

The John Dewey Lecture will be provided by Dr. Larry A. Hickman.  Dr. Hickman is the Director of the Center for Dewey Studies, and he is a professor of philosophy at Southern Illinois University.

His work as an ambassador for the Center has contributed to the global renaissance of Dewey studies. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, he has published influential studies on Dewey’s philosophy of technology.

Accomplishments during 15 years as director include 180 external presentations on behalf of the Center in the United States and 18 foreign countries and two book-length monographs, 10 edited volumes, and 80 essays (published in 9 languages).

Larry Hickman’s Personal Website

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Past President’s Panel: Looking Forward to the Democracy and Education Centennial

Friday, April 17, 12-2 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon

• “Geography, History and the Aims of Education: The Paradox of Multiculturalism in Democracy and Education.” Scott L. Pratt, University of Oregon.
• “Grounding Teacher Activism Today in Dewey’s Enduring Ideas of Publicness and Communication.” Sarah Stitzlein, University of Cincinnati.
• “Integrity: The Significance of Means and Aims of Education to Teachers Today.” Doris A. Santoro, Bowdoin College
• “Dewey’s Ancestry, Dewey’s Legacy, and The Aims of Education in Democracy and Education, Chapters 7-9.” Avi I. Mintz, The University of Tulsa.
Respondent: Deron Boyles, Georgia State University & Past President, JDS
Chair: Leonard J. Waks, Temple University, JDS President-Elect

Dewey through the Generations Panel A panel for new Deweyan scholars with a senior scholar respondent

Friday, April 17, 2-3:45 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon

• “John Dewey’s Philosophical Legacy for the Global Access to Knowledge Movement in the Digital Age,” Andreas Antic, PhD candidate, University of Potsdam, Germany
• “Seeking Dewey’s Hope in the 21st Century,” Melissa Riley Bradford, Curriculum Studies doctoral student; Graduate Assistant, College of Education, DePaul University. Founder, Tallgrass Sudbury School
• “The Praxis of Ethics and Justice In Human Rights Learning: Examining the Limits Of Progressive Education,” Rebecca Adami, Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University
Respondent: Jim Garrison, Virginia Polytechnical University
*Sponsored by the Graduate Student Working Group of the John Dewey Society

John Dewey Society Student Working Group meeting

Friday, April 17, 3:45-4:15 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon

John Dewey Society Business Meeting and Reception

Friday, April 17, 4:15-6 pm, Marriott, Seventh Level, Grand Salon

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

School and Society Forum: Parental Activism and Public Schools

Loyola’s Water Tower Campus on Saturday April 18.  Time: 10-12.
Corboy Law Center, 25 East Pearson St., Chicago; room 211.

The School and Society Forum invite JDS members and friends into the community to learn from and within local communities. This year’s Forum brings us into conversation with parent activists from Chicago-area organizations, including Raise Your Hand and More than a Score, who will be offering a panel and discussions about their work for JDS members and friends. These organizations advocate on behalf of children in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for more funding, saner assessments, and more.

Panelists include Chicago parent organizers Wendy Katten, Cassie Creswell, and Nellie Cotton.
Panel moderator and session organizer: Amy Shuffelton, Loyola University