Current Issue


Volume 7 · Number 1 · Spring 2023

Entire Volume (PDF)

Editors’ Introduction: Light For Ages, pp. 2-11 (PDF)
Megan Craig and Marcia Morgan

Philosophy as Pedagogy: With Richard Bernstein, pp. 12-23 (PDF)
Judith Friedlander


The Gift of Voice, pp. 25-31 (PDF)
Edward S. Casey

In Gratitude to Richard Bernstein, pp. 32-33 (PDF)
Lorenzo C. Simpson

A Memory of Dick Bernstein, pp. 35-37 (PDF)
David Carr

On Contingency or What It Means to Be a Mensch: A Sicilian Memory, pp. 38-40 (PDF)
Cinzia Arruzza

Intergenerational Generativity: The Legacy of Richard J. Bernstein, pp. 42-45 (PDF)
Mary C. Rawlinson

Philosophical Equanimity and Hermeneutical Finesse: On Richard J. Bernstein, pp. 46-53 (PDF)
Eduardo Mendieta

His Voice in My Head, pp. 55-59 (PDF)
Rachael Cayley

Richard J. Bernstein: The Afterlife of Learning, and Learning of the Afterlife, pp. 60-63 (PDF)
Michael Weinman

The Scavenger, pp. 64-81 (PDF)
Brendan Hogan

Richard J. Bernstein and the Soul of Teaching, pp. 82-92 (PDF)
Megan Craig

Reflections on Dick Bernstein’s Thursday Graduate Seminars at The New School for Social Research, pp. 94-103 (PDF)
Roy Ben-Shai


Le-Didakh: A Defining Directive of the Talmudic Tradition, pp. 105-136 (PDF)
Vincent Colapietro

The Yiddish Modus Tollens, pp. 138-149 (PDF)
Katie Terezakis

Farewell to My Mentor: Bernstein, Gadamerian Dialogue, and Inspiration for Philosophical Counseling, pp. 151-160 (PDF)
Monica Vilhauer

The Ironic Experience of Richard J. Bernstein, pp. 161-166 (PDF)
Simona Forti

The Good Life–Some Deweyan Lessons, pp. 168-178 (PDF)
Philip Kitcher

The Practical Philosophy of Richard J. Bernstein, pp. 179-186 (PDF)
Scott Shushan

Making Philosophy Together, pp. 188-198 (PDF)
Ramón del Castillo

The Art of Living: Bernstein on Kierkegaard, pp. 200-212 (PDF)
Cæcilie Varslev-Pedersen


Shedding Light On Constellations: On Richard Bernstein’s Eclectic Approach to Philosophy, pp. 214-227 (PDF)
Olga Knizhnik

Friendship, Philosophy, and Democratic Practice, pp. 229-239 (PDF)
Christopher P. Long and Richard A. Lee, Jr.

Considering Richard J. Bernstein’s Considerations of ‘Pluralism’: Philosophy in a Pluralistic Spirit, pp. 241-250 (PDF)
Lucius T. Outlaw (Jr.)

Richard J. Bernstein’s Journey through Philosophy: ‘With Friendship and Romance’, pp. 251-263 (PDF)
Chiara Bottici

Richard J. Bernstein and the Life of the Beautiful, pp. 265-277 (PDF)
Marcia Morgan

Democracy and Rights, pp. 279-303 (PDF)
Christoph Menke

Richard J. Bernstein’s Two Great Sources: John Dewey and Hannah Arendt, pp. 304-314 (PDF)
María Pía Lara

Interview with Richard J. Bernstein

Pragmatic Spirit Beyond Relativism and Objectivism, pp. 317-331 (PDF)
Dmitri Nikulin