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Volume 7 · Number 2 · Fall 2023

Entire Volume (PDF)

Editors’ Introduction, pp. 1-4 (PDF)
Paul Benjamin Cherlin

Inference in the Context of Inquiry, pp. 5-26 (PDF)
Davide Rizza

A Deweyan Account of Extrinsic Value and Its Relevance for the Anthropocene, pp. 27-50 (PDF)
Laurent Riou

Dewey on Institutions of Democratic Art, pp. 51-76 (PDF)
Emma Fieser

An Intercultural Approach to Education, pp. 77-86 (PDF)
Marco Catarci & Massimiliano Fiorucci

The Teacher as Investigator: Improving the Education of Migrant Students, pp. 87-97 (PDF)
Giuseppe Spadafora

The Principles of John Dewey’s My Pedagogic Creed and Its Application to Intercultural Issues of Migrant Students, pp. 98-108 (PDF)
Teodora Pezzano

Three Deweyan Ideas for Education in the Age of Diasporas:
Social Center, Activity Curriculum, and Teacher Education Laboratory, pp. 109-119 (PDF)
Leonard Waks

Deweyan Democracy in the Age of Anthropocene Migration:
Building Grassroots Resiliency for an Intercultural Future, pp. 120-128 (PDF)
Eli Kramer

Book Reviews:

Mind in Nature: John Dewey, Cognitive Science, and a Naturalistic Philosophy for Living,
by Mark L. Johnson and Jay Schulkin, pp. 129-134 (PDF)
Steven Fesmire

Pragmatist Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach to What Matters,
by James Jakób Liszka, pp. 135-144 (PDF)
Myron Moses Jackson