Aims and Scope

Dewey Studies is an online, open-access journal of the John Dewey Society dedicated to furthering understanding of John Dewey’s philosophical work and enlivening his unique mode of engagement with the vital philosophical questions of our time.

Dewey Studies welcomes articles engaging with Dewey’s philosophical interests, broadly understood—whether metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, philosophy of science, psychology, democratic theory, philosophy of culture, or a number of other fields.  As committed pluralists, we seek a broad range of scholarly perspectives; we are especially eager to facilitate scholarship from (and informed by) traditionally marginalized voices.

We ask that authors whose works deal primarily with the philosophy of education consider instead submitting to one of the John Dewey Societies’ education focused journals: Education and Culture or The Journal of School & Society.

Dewey Studies seeks to publish articles that:

  1. Contribute to the ongoing exegesis and analysis of Dewey’s philosophical positions.
  2. Demonstrate how Deweyan resources can help resolve problematic situations: not only within the philosophical tradition, but more broadly as well.
  3. Situate Dewey as a significant figure within the history of philosophy (and history more broadly), by showing how he influenced and was influenced by others.
  4. Discuss the relationship between Dewey and American philosophy, especially American pragmatism.
  5. Appeal to the interests and needs of Dewey scholars.