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The John Dewey Society aims to foster intelligent inquiry into the pressing social problems of our time, especially pertaining to the place and function of education in resolving such problems, as well as to share, discuss, and disseminate the results of such inquiries. JDS also provides a space for building and sustaining the networks of students and scholars of the philosophy of John Dewey and American Pragmatism.


The John Dewey Society grew out of a series of discussions held as early as 1934. Originally called "The Association for the Study of Education in its Social Aspects," the name was changed to the John Dewey Society in early 1936. JDS exists to keep alive John Dewey's commitment to the use of critical and reflective intelligence in the search for solutions to crucial problems in education and culture.


Join the John Dewey Society by clicking on the "Join“ tab. Special thanks to the Tanner Foundation. New members will receive two classic books: John Dewey’s "The Sources of a Science of Education" and Dan Tanner’s "Crusade for Democracy: Progressive Education at the Crossroads." Tanner’s book provides a detailed history of the John Dewey Society.

2021 JDS Conference

BURLINGTON, VT - The John Dewey Society will hold the 2021 conference on October 8-9, 2021 in Burlington, Vermont, where Dewey lived and is buried. We will be partnering with the University of Vermont and North Eastern Philosophy of Education Society to host this conference.  Please mark your calendars now and plan to join us. For more information, visit the conference webpage: 2021 Burlington, VT.


Center for Dewey Studies to Open in India

To expand the study of Dewey and pragmatism, the John Dewey Society is proud to support the establishment of the first Center for Dewey Studies in India, the world’s largest democracy. JDS has graciously donated all 38 volumes of Dewey’s collected works for the center. “Our hope in supporting this Center is that future generations […]

NEW BOOK: Islam as Education

Islam as Education: Pedagogies of Pilgrimage, Prophecy, and Jihad by Aaron J. Ghiloni Motivated by the intellectual historian Shahab Ahmed’s observation that “the history of Islamic paideia has yet to be written,” Islam as Education explores multiple forms that the search for knowledge and the transmission of wisdom have taken in Islam, focusing on the […]


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