JDS Student Working Group


The JDS Student Working Group is an experiment. As a wiki system it represents the idea of unlimited crowd coöperation in the digital age. Like every social activity the prosperity of this project is heavily dependent on the people who care for it. Since everybody can contribute, change and correct information on this website (not every page, but most), it is on you to step in.

What we’d like to collect on this website in the future:

  • A list of Dewey’s books, which are already public domain
  • An overview of all translations of Dewey’s books would be great! (so we can see which languages are missing and should be supported)
  • A list of current courses, lectures, reading groups, conferences, events etc. on Dewey (international!)
  • Collection of links to free material on Dewey (movies, texts, images, …)
  • Dewey related publication opportunities
  • List of researchers and practitioners who are interested in networking and exchange

Please click the following link to visit the JDS Student Work Group

Hope you enjoy visiting the JDS Student Working Group!

Matt Ryg, Student Liaison
Southern Illinois University