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What is the Role of Philosophy in Initial Teacher Preparation?

Volume 9, Issue 1 (2023)


What is the Role of Philosophy in Initial Teacher Preparation: Issue Introduction 

JuliAnna Ávila

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John Dewey on Teacher Education

Leonard Waks

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Sounding the Call to Teach in a Social Media Age: Renewing the Importance of Philosophy in Teacher Education

Jeff Frank

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Stoic Philosophy and Resilience in Education: Can Philosophy Help to Slow Teacher Attrition?

John W. Jones Jr.

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Teaching with the Uncanny

Kyle A. Greenwalt

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“If I Wasn’t Staying True to My Values, I Wouldn’t Want to Be Teaching:” The Need for a Philosophical Approach in Pre-Service Education

Cara Furman

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Thinking in the Midst: On Philosophizing with Teachers

Cara Furman, Derek Gottlieb, Sarah Campbell, and Doris Santoro

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Cycle of Re-Presenting

Zuzana Ševčíková

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