Aims & Scope

Unlike many academic journals, this publication actively seeks out both its contributors and its readership.  Working in the spirit of Dewey, we seek to create the dialogic spaces and public engagement that we believe is sometimes missing from educational debate.

We view our work as broadly educative, in that we want to help connect practitioners in public dialogue. To do so, we work closely with educators and community activists to bring out their voices and stories. Depending on the theme of each issue, we will reach out to different actors and invite them to work with us. That said, those wishing contribute to the journal need not wait for an invitation to do so. They may contact the editorial team directly or respond to our academic calls that we issue for each issue (for papers included in our peer reviewed section).

An important part of publishing in this journal is the willingness to share in its mission. To that end, we ask our contributors to activate their own social networks and to seek out ways to find new readers for the journal.