Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014)

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Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to Creative Tension between Theory and Practice

Deborah Seltzer-Kelly

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APA Citation:
Seltzer-Kelly, D. (2014). Welcome to creative tension between theory and practice. 
The Journal of School & Society, 1(1), 1–3.
Featured Article

Resonance, Affect, and Ways of Being: Implications of Sensual Curriculum for Educational Theory and Urban First Graders’ Literacy Practices

Walter Gershon

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APA Citation:
Gershon, W. (2014). Resonance, affect, and ways of being: Implications of sensual 
curriculum for educational theory and urban first graders' literacy practices.
The Journal of School & Society, 1(1), 4–26.
Response Article

“We gotta get out of this place”: On the Distance between Learning and Education in the Sensory Curriculum

Gert Biesta

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APA Citation:
Biesta, G. (2014). "We gotta get out of this place": On the distance between learning
and education in the sensory curriculum. The Journal of School & Society, 1(1), 27–31.