Call for Proposals

JDS would like to announce a call for proposals for the Dewey and Philosophy Panel (formerly the Past President’s Panel), to be held at the John Dewey Society, 2016 Centennial Conference on Democracy and Education. The topic for the Dewey and Philosophy Panel will be: Revisiting Democracy and Education.

Proposals due: Monday, November 2, 2015

For more information: Dewey and Philosophy Panel – Call for Proposals


In memory of Herbert Kliebard

Photo of Herbert KliebardThe JDS would like to recognize the passing of curriculum historian and Dewey scholar, Herbert Kliebard.  Professor Herbert was a highly respected scholar, a Dewey expert, the 1999 JDS Outstanding Achievement Award recipient, and the 2005 Annual John Dewey Society Lecturer.  JDS President, Leonard Waks‘ noted that Herb “joined my dissertation committee fifty years ago, and was a steady, diligent and caring teacher and guide for me and his many other advisees.”

Please read the obituary here:


Conference – New England Pragmatist Inaugural Forum

The New England Pragmatist Inaugural Conference will take place at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont from October 15-17, 2015.  The focus of the inaugural conference is “The Philosophy of John Dewey.”

For more information about the conference, including the conference schedule, conference presenters, and lodging/food information, please download the Conference Information Handout.


Thursday, April 3

12-2:00pm Symposium: Deweyan Democracy in a Time of Dismantling Public Education

Marriott, Fifth Level, Grand Ballroom B

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the publication of Dewey’s Democracy and Education, we note the irony that public educational institutions in the United States and many other countries are struggling for their very survival as institutions that engage with and reconstruct the public sphere. The 2014 John Dewey Symposium focuses on the traditions of Deweyan democracy, utilizing and critiquing these ideals and exploring possibilities of praxis. What are “public” spaces in the Deweyan tradition, and how do they relate to educational institutions and decision-making? How do teachers and students become public actors and citizens? How do teachers and teacher unions live up to their democratic potential?

Featuring papers and discussion by Aaron Schutz (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Dennis Shirley (Boston College), Sarah Stitzlein (University of Cincinnati) and Kathleen Knight Abowitz (Miami University)

2-4:00pm Past President’s Panel: Revisiting Experience and Education

Marriott, Fifth Level, Grand Ballroom B

Featuring papers by Stefano Oliverio (University of Naples Federico II), Margaret Macintyre Latta and Susan Crichton (University of British Columbia Okanagan), Susan Jean Mayer (Brandeis University) Marshall Gordon (The Park School), and William Gaudelli and Megan J. Laverty (Teachers College, Columbia University); with response by past JDS president David Hansen(Teachers College, Columbia University). Chaired by Len Waks, President-Elect, JDS. (See complete session details here.)

4-7:00pm John Dewey Lecture by Diane Ravitch

Convention Center, 100 Level, 114

Also including presentation of John Dewey Society Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by Eric Bredo, University of Toronto), and tributes to Laurel Tanner and Elliott Eisner (presented by Peter Hlebowitsh, University of Alabama).

7:15-9:00pm Business meeting

 Marriott, Fifth Level, Grand Ballroom B (light appetizers will be provided)