John Dewey Memorial Conference

The John Dewey Society will hold the 2021 annual conference on October 8-9, 2021 in Burlington, Vermont, where Dewey lived and is buried.  We are seeking new approaches to a more truly Deweyan conference, where we will have both traditional papers as well as experiential learning opportunities, such as participating in the Dewey Kitchen and place-based environmental education initiatives at Shelburne Farms.  We will also be able to view the collection of Dewey’s papers at the UVM library.  We will be partnering with the University of Vermont and North Eastern Philosophy of Education Society to host this conference. 

Conference Details

  • ● The conference will be held on the campus of the University of Vermont.
  • ● The conference is free for all JDS members, though some of the special sessions, such as a session on progressive education at nearby Shelburne Farm, may require a fee to participate.
  • ● Hotel blocks have been arranged at the following locations.  Please specify that you are booking as part of the John Dewey Society to receive the reduced prices noted below.  The block of rooms will be released to the public on September 7, 2021.  Given that the conference falls on the most popular weekend for fall foliage traveling, be sure to book before September 7 to access one of the rooms reserved for JDS members.

Call for Proposals

download John-Dewey-Society_Invitation-for-Proposed-Papers_2021-Annual-Meeting