The JDS membership period begins in August and ends the following July, which allows our cycles to match the fiscal year and the school year for many institutions. Pricing is based on income (see below), and your annual membership includes several benefits.

All members receive quarterly newsletters from the society detailing information on Dewey-related work and events as well as updates on the annual JDS meetings.

Additionally, all members receive annual, digital subscriptions to the society’s flagship journal, Education and Culture (2 issues per year, please contact our secretary if you need assistance with access). In addition, we provide open access to The Journal of School & Society and Dewey Studies, all of which can be explored through our website.

JDS members can also choose to subscribe to Educational Theory for a discounted price of $25 per year. This option is reflected in the membership price chart below.

NEW members will receive two classic books—thanks to the Tanner Foundation (applies to U.S./Domestic members due to high cost of International shipping). The books include: John Dewey’s The Sources of a Science of Education and Dan Tanner’s Crusade for Democracy: Progressive Education at the Crossroads. Dan Tanner’s book provides a detailed history of the John Dewey Society.

Join or renew: Membership prices are based on income, and can be paid in one- or two-year options. You may pay your dues with a credit card through either Square (https://the-john-dewey-society.square.site/) or Paypal (click the appropriate box below). Or you may also send a check, made payable to “John Dewey Society,” to the JDS Secretary.

Submit your membership form: You can do this digitally by completing our online form (https://forms.gle/QiunuzmRQtrSjxVs9), or you can download the membership form (JDS Membership Form) and then send it via email or postal service.

Email: jdssecretary@gmail.com

Mail checks and membership info to:
Becky L. Noël Smith
PO Box 4056
Fresno, CA 93744

We welcome both individual and institutional members to our society, and we invite you to direct all your membership inquiries to jdssecretary@gmail.com, or you can fill out the contact form.

Type of Membership
One Year Two Years
Student or income of $30,000 or less $15.00


Income of $30,000 or less with Educational Theory $40.00


Income of $30,000-$45,000 $30.00


Income of $30,000-$45,000 with Educational Theory $55.00


Income of $45,000-$60,000 $45.00


Income of $45,000-$60,000 with Educational Theory $70.00


Income of $60,000-$75,000 $60.00


Income of $60,000-$75,000 with Educational Theory $85.00


Income of $75,000 or above $75.00


Income of $75,000 or above with Educational Theory $100.00